Sun, Sea, Sand And Savings – Booking Your Holiday? Get The Most Out Of Your Travel Money

You’re debating where to go. Scouring the entirety of Airbnb and thinking up potential songs for your holiday playlist. It’s officially January, the busiest month to book a holiday.

Our annual holiday is something to be cherished whether it’s a city break, cocktails in an all-inclusive bar or a fly-drive to the Galapagos — it should be enjoyed to the max. But, the moment you find your Instagram account you remember the dreaded question that always appears in your mind at times like these – ‘How much money should I take!?’

Banks, travel agents and backstreet FX dealers litter the high street and they all claim to have the best rates. Let’s face it: It can be confusing! 

You could always withdraw a cash lump sum when you arrive in the country, but do you really want to spend your precious holiday time faffing around? You could be breathing in the new culture and having a mid-morning Aperol in your new sandals. So fear not, Curve is here to be your holiday spending Sherpa.

Every fintech claims to offer competitive FX rates, but not none of them work like Curve. You don’t need to worry about topping up balance. We take money directly from whatever card is selected in the app so you relax and spend like a local.

Be in control and access the downright advantageous interbank rate which put quite simply is the same rate that the banks use to transfer money between themselves.   

So, how does it work? 

Picture this. You’re staring at the Amalfi coast from a heavenly cliff top bar, polishing off the last glass of red and it’s time to ask the waiter for the bill. The card machine is in front of you. You tap your Curve Card and receive an instant notification and know exactly how much you’ve paid in pounds. There’s no need to struggle looking in your wallet, looking for loose change and ruin the stunning sunset in the distance.

Curve has converted your payment from Euro to Pounds in the blink of an eye and charged your selected card in Pounds at the last locked in exchange rate.

Whether you think of yourself as the 21st Century Phileas Fogg or just want to hang out by the pool, there’s a Curve card to suit your holiday needs. Each card offers different overseas spend limits and a boatload of other awesome features: 


Curve Blue

Curve Black

Curve Metal



£9.99 p/m

£14.99 p/m

FX Spend Limit

Up to £500 per rolling 30-day period

Up to £15k per annum

Up to £60k per annum

ATM Withdrawal

Up to £200 per rolling 30-day period

Up to £400 per rolling 30-day period

Up to £600 per rolling 30-day period

AXA Travel Insurance




*Weekend charges for FX and ATM withdrawals apply. See the boring but required legal bit below for the juicy details

Is it safe to use my Curve card abroad? 

When you’re away from home and something goes wrong, even the smallest thing can seem like a big deal. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

Notice anything wrong with your transactions or you’ve lost your card? Lock it instantly in the app. If you need a replacement card, Curve’s Customer Experience team are always there to offer a helping hand —you’ll never be left out of pocket for unrecognised transactions.

Also, Curve Customer Protection protects your spend whether home or away on certain transactions worth up to £100,000 but sadly won’t cover your questionable karaoke performance or Hawaiian shirt choices.