From Silicon Valley to the Central Line: A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

Daniel Yubi joined Curve in July 2019 as a Product Manager. He has had a very interesting cross-continent career to date and we are pleased to welcome him to the team.  

Welcome Daniel! Tell us a little about your background and how you found your way to Curve. 

I started my career as a Product Manager in a Silicon Valley based startup, operating in Mexico, which gave me my first opportunity to learn about the world of payments. It was here that I was exposed to the burgeoning world of Fintech. This exposure made me think that maybe we can truly make a difference to people’s financial lives through the power of technology. 

My next venture was helping a group of friends launch a mobile food & drink ordering startup in the USA, as a Product Lead. Think UberEats for the entertainment industry. I oversaw the growth from conception, to beta and then full market launch. The team now operate in three sites across the USA. 

My partner is from the UK and we decided that we wanted to move to London. Why London? Well, it is the ‘Silicon Valley’ for Fintech and as I’d been working in the space for a few years, I knew it was the place to be. I was looking to join the best Fintech in the city and Curve was the perfect match for my experience, expertise and ambition. 

What impact & influence do you feel your role as a Product Manager has towards Curve’s mission?

I believe in financial wellness; managing and utilizing your money in a stress-free way to help you achieve your personal & financial goals. 

Product Managers are like team captains whose responsibility it is to take the company forward by making the correct decisions to build the best products for the best customer experience.

Curve is a product driven company. This allows me and my team the freedom to experiment with ideas, without any unnecessary red tape, meaning that we can push the boundaries to truly change the way we manage money. As a Product Manager, this is a very liberating feeling. 

What is the culture like at Curve? 

The culture at Curve is AWESOME. I was immediately impressed by how open, genuine and noble the entire team are. From Product to PR, everyone is excited by the idea of what Curve can grow to become; the commitment and enthusiasm is inspiring. 

Working with such enthusiastic and invested people can at times be a struggle, particularly for a Product Manager, as there are a lot of strong opinions & expectations to balance. This is in no way a negative thing as the entire team are passionately aligned with what Curve is trying to achieve. 

What do you feel that the future holds for Curve? 

Curve stands alone in the Fintech space, separate from challenger banks or aggregators. We are not asking our customers to disrupt their finances with a flashy new account. We are offering a solution to the fragmented industry by giving people control & the opportunity to enhance their money management experience. 

I believe that Curve can become the central place to access any new services, management tools or general assistance that you could need to improve your financial life. 

We just have to build it!

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