Begin Your Credit Journey with These 4 First-Time Credit Cards

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Getting your first credit card can be pretty daunting. There seems to be endless jargon to wrap your head around. How can you be financially responsible when you don’t even understand half of it? That’s where Curve comes in. We’ll dish out some simple tips to keep you on top on your finances, as well as some credit cards for a first-time user.

Curve’s essential tips:

  1. Always make sure to pay off your balance in full each month.
  2. Don’t use your credit card for cash withdrawals except in an emergency.
  3. Don’t go over your credit limit.

You always need to think carefully before getting a credit card, and make sure you’re ready to use it responsibly. By following these guidelines, it can help you stay on top of your credit card repayments and avoid interest. If you keep doing this, you could quickly improve your credit rating. We believe in you!

Check out this quick glossary of some common credit card terms:


APR stands for annual percentage rate. It is the cost per year of borrowing money on a given credit card. The amount depends on the credit card’s interest rate and any other fees from that provider.

Interest Rate

The percentage of the borrowed amount that is due per month or year.

Credit Rating (or Score)

Your credit rating is a score based on your financial history. When you apply for a credit card, your credit rating is considered. You can improve your credit rating by using a credit card responsibly.  

Credit Limit

The maximum amount you can borrow for a certain period (e.g. a month).

But what is “representative” APR?

You’ve probably seen this on bank websites. This is the APR advertised on different credit cards across providers. It’s not a guaranteed amount, and you might pay more depending on your application and credit rating.

Now let’s jump into some starter credit cards:

  • Aqua Start Credit Card – Aqua aims to help you rebuild your credit score. Even if you have no or limited credit history, you could use their Start Credit Card to try tobuild your credit rating. Starting with a low credit limit gives you a manageable way to show your financial responsibility and eventually improve your credit score. After being reviewed, your limit can also increase.
    • 49.9% APR
    • Manage your account online
    • Get free text payment reminders
  • Vanquis Credit Card – Like Aqua, Vanquis also try to help their customers rebuild their credit rating. This credit card has a slightly higher credit limit, but don’t let that tempt you into over-spending. Vanquis could even increase this limit after your fifth statement, if you’re eligible.
    • 39.9% APR
    • Manage your account online and by app
    • Free text payment reminders
    • Quick customer service – on average, get a follow up call in 15 minutes
  • Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card – If Tesco is already your go-to supermarket, you could start building your credit rating and get better deals in store. You can earn Tesco Clubcard points almost anywhere that you shop with this card. And by using it responsibly, you could also get a credit limit increase.
    • 27.5% APR
    • Manage your account online and by app
    • You can set up text or email payment alerts
  • Barclaycard Forward Credit Card –Barclaycard offer a free eligibility checker so you know whether you’ll be accepted before you even apply. As well as a way to start trying to build your credit rating, with the Forward Credit Card you get 0% interest on purchases for the first 3 months of opening your account.
    • 34.9% APR
    • Manage your account online and by app
    • Free text alerts
    • Get access to Barclaycard Entertainment for savings on live events

Being a first-timer, you might need some extra help with sorting your finances. With Curve, you can manage your spending on one simple, stylish card and our smart app. You can also earn 1% cashback* on a range of top retailers. Plus, you get more financial control with real-time alerts on what you’re spending across cards. You’re the boss.

Download now to better your financial journey.

Plus, check out our Go Back in Time feature which means if you paid with the wrong card, you can switch the card you used, for a purchase up to £1,000 and within 14 days.*  to get ultimate flexibility.