6 Mind-Blowing Festivals To Take Your Credit Card

Festivals To Take Your Credit Card

One of the best things about travel is experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people. This is something that no amount of travel documentary can convey to you, so you really have to go yourself. Our world has never been more connected, and the fact that these awesome festivals have never been more accessible is a blessing to say the least. Here are 6 amazing places for you to visit and to use your credit cards, bank cards, or even better your Curve card.

  • Dia de Los Muertos- Mexico – Translated as “Day of the Dead”, this is celebrated across Mexico on 2nd November. Although it sounds like a bad zombie movie, it is actually much more lighthearted than you may think. Friends and family gather to celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have passed away, and they actually believe that the spirits of their ancestors return to spend the day with them. To be honest, if the spirits of the dead can make it to the festival, what’s your excuse?
  • The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro – As the name might suggest, this festival takes place in Rio every year before Lent, and it widely regarded as the largest festival in the world. Here, you can find 2 million people on the streets each day – the level of crowdedness puts rush hour on the Tube to shame. The carnival comprises of lavish samba schools who dance through the streets. The vibrant colours, and the traditional Brazilian music truly create a feast for the senses. This is one not to miss.
  • Holi – India/ Nepal – festival of Hinduism that has been celebrated for millennia. It’s held at the beginning of spring, so its actual date varies each year. It’s widely known as “The Festival of Love” with emphasis on meeting new people. It’s tradition for strangers to smear each other with coloured paint, symbolising a general love of humanity. We’d recommend you to bring a spare change of clothes!


  • La Tomatina – Valencia – This festival is held in the town of Bunol in Valencia, Spain, where people gather and throw tomatoes at each other, purely for entertainment purposes. Starting in 1945, it always takes place during the last Wednesday of August. Although the mess at the end of the fight (which lasts an hour) would be  enough to terrify the likes of Marie Kondo and other neat freaks, fire trucks come afterwards and hose the whole area down. Funnily enough, the citric acid in the tomatoes leaves the town looking squeaky-clean. Come down to enjoy the food fight of all food fights.


  • Songkran- ThailandSongkran comes from the sanskrit meaning “movement”, and this refers to the astrological movement of the stars. It is the Buddhist new year’s celebration, normally taking place around the second week of April. The most well-known part of this holiday is the water festival, where all major roads are closed and the residents take part in a huge water fight. Also, it is a time where people return home to spend the holiday with their families, and tourists tend to learn lots about the purifying nature of buddhism. If you love being soaked, Songkran is the festival for you.


  • St Patrick’s Day- Dublin – Although people of Irish descent celebrate this festival all over the world, no place celebrates it like the home of the Irish. St Patrick’s Day celebrates the Irish’s patron saint of the same name, and, although the excessive drinking of beer (particularly Guinness) may seem backwards, it’s actually a religious holiday that celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

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