Emergency Funds: What They Are & Why You Need One

Emergency Funds

Picture this. It’s Wednesday evening, you’re just getting in from another long day at work. Upon turning your house keys and entering what used to be your lovely abode, you’re met with torn up sofas and cushions. In the midst of this chaos is your adorable dog nervously awaiting your arrival 🐶 Now you need a new sofa, basically hell on earth right?! Don’t own a dog? You don’t need to, you get the gist. Emergency expenses can happen to any and everyone. This is where emergency funds come in handy!

What are Emergency Funds?

  • An emergency fund is a stash of money you set aside in case of surprise expenses or personal financial dilemma’s. E.g. Loss of your job, illness, unexpected home repairs or medical bills. Essentially, they are a security blanket making sure you’re covered for any financial surprises. Do I really need one? You ask? We think so. You never know what life will throw your way, it’s best to be prepared now so you don’t have to panic later!

How much money should be in your Emergency Fund?

  • There’s no set amount for what an emergency fund should be. However, the general rule of thumb is to stack up 3 months worth of monthly expenses. It may seem like a large task at first but don’t worry, start off small and watch your emergency fund flourish.

What qualifies as an emergency?

  • Losing your job
  • Emergency home repairs
  • Medical bills
  • Unexpected accidents
  • Car accidents

What does not qualify as an emergency?

  • Booking a holiday (bad luck! 😉)
  • Buying new technology
  • Shopping sprees
  • Wanting to decorate your home/car

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