4 Reasons Why It Might Be Worth Your While Donating More To Charity

Why It Might Be Worth Your While Donating More To Charity

We all like money right? The more you  have, the more you can buy. Right? Well, this is not always the case, especially when we look at charities. Let’s take a look at the reasons how, by choosing not to spend money on yourself, but choosing to donate to a worthwhile charity, you might actually be better-off, despite having less money in the short term. Here are 4 reasons it might be worthwhile donating to charity:

  • 1. It Makes You Feel Good- We’ve all heard the phrase, “when you do good, you feel good”, and this could not be truer in many cases. There are countless charities out there and you could very easily find an organisation that you are drawn to and wish to support. Many people who donate,  get a boost from that feeling of making the world a better place, even if it’s just by a little bit every month. For some, it might even help you fall asleep at night, safe with the knowledge that you’re doing your bit to improve our world.


  • 2. It Helps You Budget –In a way, donating to charity could even benefit you financially. We know this seems counter-intuitive, but hear us out! When you willingly donate some of your income to a charity, you are consciously limiting your budget. This means that you have less money to spend. This could be great practice for your budgeting, especially if you’re a ravenous spender. Think of this like financial cardio; you put yourself through discomfort now in order to gain the benefits down the line. Also, unlike other expenses like taxes, donating to charity is a voluntary constraint. This means that if you have a disastrous month or year in terms of finance, you can just choose not to donate that year, and you will feel as if you have gained a raise!


  • 3. It Changes The Way People View You- When you donate to a charity that you feel strongly about, your friends and colleagues will generally view you as a more ethical person. This means that people will be more inclined to trust you, and not see you as self-centred, but as more of a philanthropist-type. But we must make an important point. Donating to a charity after being asked at the checkout counter is not the same as researching and choosing to donate to a charity. By putting in the time and effort to really find out where your money’s going, you’re demonstrating that you generally care about this cause, and you aren’t simply donating for the sake of donating. Generally, people find it endearing when others care deeply about any cause.


  • 4. It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Donate- One of the benefits about donating to charity is that it is not so much like a scale, as it is like a switch. People don’t really care how much you donate to charity, but just that you do. This is because it shows that you don’t only want to improve your life, but you want to improve the lives of others. So, you can donate whatever you can afford!

As you can see, if you donate a reasonable amount of money to charity, there are several added benefits, not only to the charity, but also to you. When you’re kinder to the world, the world is kinder to you ❤️️

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