Curve Is Coming To America! Here Are 7 Alternative Things To Check Out In Brooklyn, Home To Our US Office

Brooklyn, NYC. What comes to mind? The Brooklyn Bridge? Bagels? Coney Island? What about Curve’s brand new US office?! Yes that’s right. Curve is coming to America – and Brooklyn (DUMBO to be specific) will be home to our first US office, making us the first international fintech in the area.

Why Brooklyn? Austin, Texas and Charlotte, N.C, were also in the running, but Brooklyn and Curve are a perfect fit. Brooklyn embodies our brand. While other fintechs are paying more in Chelsea, Curve chose a grittier and up-and-coming part of town, which reminded us of our east London roots. So what better place to open our first US office? 

To celebrate this awesome occasion, we’re taking a look at some of the more alternative things to check out in the borough of Curve’s new home. So grab your Curve card and let’s take a look at some lesser-known highlights of Brooklyn. Don’t forget to share your experiences with your Curve with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #CurveExperiences. 

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Brooklyn Arts Library

We’ve all seen dusty old paintings of the past and pretentious modern art of today, so why not try something different? Take an intimate look—no, not that kind—at the heart of an artist: the sketchbook. The Brooklyn Arts Library has sketchbooks donated from over 70,000 people from all over the world for you to peruse at your leisure.

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Red bench sketchbook action by @bowyerjane !

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Brighton Beach

How’s this for alternative? A neighborhood in Brooklyn, named after a beach in the UK with a high population of Russian immigrants?! But wait. We can go further. Head to the downright wonderful Cafe At Your Mother-in-Law for a truly unconventional blend of Russian, Korean and Uzbekian cuisine.

Roberta’s Pizza 

What list of things to do in Brooklyn is complete without mention of pizza?! Roberta’s is a pizza-loving hipster’s promised land complete with a rooftop garden and a radio station… can you get any more hipster!? Well yes. Check out the menu, with such pizzas as the ‘Cowabunga Dude’, the ‘Sasquash’ and our favourite, the ‘Lil’ Stinker’—onion, double garlic and triple cheese before you ask.

Sunshine Laundromat 

The only laundromat that can legally serve alcohol in NYC, but that’s not why it’s special. The Sunshine Laundromat holds an interesting secret. Head to the back of this seemingly humble laundromat, look for the secret door and enter into a pinball paradise. All the machines are curated by pinball aficionado Peter Rose who put only the best tables of his collection in Sunshine.

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Robotic Church 

No, this isn’t related to Futurama or the First Church of Appliantology, the Robot Church is an art installation by Chico MacMurtrie. Located in the Norwegian Seamen’s Church, the robots communicate through primitive robo sounds that will make you wonder if this is the birth of Skynet.

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Coney Island Sideshow School 

If you’ve always wanted to live out your Sideshow Bob fantasies, then have we found the place for you! At the Coney Island Sideshow School you can learn ‘The Basics of Fire Eating’ or ‘The Fundamentals of Sword Swallowing’ from sideshow professor Adam Real Man.

House of Yes 

In the neighborhood of Bushwick, there’s a brightly coloured warehouse that is the House of Yes. Considered the wildest nightclub in Brooklyn, it’s a space where anyone can truly express themselves. Yes defies genre with it’s deeply underground events which include circus performers, burlesque… and tarot readers! We’re especially fond of the garish image on the website.

Now that you’ve seen a different side to Brooklyn, maybe you’re ready to explore the world around you and find your own unknown pleasures. We’re looking to expand and recruit as much A-Team talent as we can and in Brooklyn we’ll create 185 new jobs by 2024. Keep an eye on our careers website. If you want to join a company that’s dedicated to breaking new ground, or if you know anyone who wants to join a revolution, send them our way.