Curve Payments Aren’t Going Through? Here’s What To Do

At Curve, one of our leadership principles is to “Obsess About The Customer.” We always start with you first, then work backwards from this. So if you experience any disturbance using our card, don’t panic. You can guarantee that getting this fixed for you is of supreme importance to us. Our Status Page helps you keep up to date with all maintenance issues.  If there is any disruption to our service, this is you go-to destination.

Why are my Curve card payments not working?

  • The most typical reason your card may not be working is because of a pre-scheduled maintenance update. Another reason could possibly be an unexpected incident. But these types of circumstances are far less frequent and are tackled promptly by our team.

How to access the Status Page:

  • You can access our Status Page here. For more frequent updates on your Curve card, you can directly subscribe to our post notifications to receive updates via email or text. Simply click the blue “Subscribe To Updates” button on the top right of our webpage to never miss an important update again. Additionally, you can also keep an eye out for any updates on our Curve App.

Why does maintenance disrupt service?

  • At Curve, the reliability of our service is a top priority. We are constantly making improvements to our platform to offer you the best possible service and the only way to do that is through service maintenance. But we will always keep you updated prior to maintenance hours. We try to keep maintenance hours during periods when traffic is low to minimise further user disruption. It’s also important to note that service incidents are rare but can happen so make sure to check the page to stay updated.

What should I do when maintenance happens?

  • As mentioned before, we try to schedule maintenance during hours of low activity, but if you’re disrupted we would advise you to carry a second card with you during this time. Keeping updated with maintenance times can also help you plan around these events.

What to do if my issue is still on-going?

  • If the issues you are experiencing are none of the above, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to help! Message us at

We wanted you to know we appreciate that a huge part of Curve’s success is down to YOU – our dedicated customers. We couldn’t have got this far without you and look forward to continuing this incredible journey with you 🚀