Curve is The Future

The banking revolution has finally begun. Download the free app today and join over 600,000 users who are using Curve to revolutionise how they Spend, See & Save money.

Curve allows you to control multiple credit & debit cards in one smart app with just one single card. But Curve is so much more than just a card. It’s a solution. A solution to the fragmented industry that provides you the simplicity and the financial control, that frankly, you deserve.

Wondering how we’re revolutionising banking? Here’s how: 

Take Control Of Your Money 

  • One card to rule them all. We know how beneficial it is to reap the rewards from multiple cards – that’s why we encourage it. Curve welcomes you to the first platform that funnels your whole financial life through one single card and one smart-ass app. The Curve card has the power to control all of your cards, all in one place.  Scan & upload your cards in just 59 seconds. It’s simple. 

Travel with Confidence

  • Use multiple MasterCard and Visa cards  through Curve without the hassle of carrying them on your adventures. Plus, our killer FX rates &  ATM withdrawals means you’re in to save bundles abroad. Upgrade to Curve Black & Metal to get VIP access to an array of astonishing features to reform your travelling experience. Relax. Reset. And let Curve do all the work.

Spend Money, Make Money

  • The idea of making money while spending money seems a little hard to believe. That’s why we’ve made it super simple and reward you 1% cashback every time you spend with your favourite chosen retailers. No BS, just pure hard cash! Check out our 100+ brands here. 

Curve Customer Vault

  • Get 3x the protection of a normal bank with Curve. Didn’t receive your goods? Items damaged? No refund? We know how important your money is – that’s why we protect all your debit & credit purchases up to £100,000. Spend safely & securely knowing that Curve has you covered.

Insane Insights

  • Knowledge is Power. Curve insights create real-time tailored spending reports from all your cards, all in one place. An effortless way to track, compare and improve your spending habits, placing the power back in your hands. Knowing every penny’s journey, prorated into insightful categories, makes this a unique money management experience that you won’t be able to live without!

Switch & Swap Past-Payments

  • Paid with the wrong card? Well our exclusive Time Machine feature allows you to switch & swap past-payments to shift the paradigm of time and correct those accidental spends. Go back and switch any payment up to £1000 within 14 days, to any card inside the Curve app.  Seen this anywhere before? Didn’t think so.  Learn more here.

This is just the beginning. We’re on a constant mission to simplify the world of money and improve the world of finance wherever we can. Your banks can thank us later.  

Join the revolution.

Team Curve