Why You Should Stop Taking Cash Abroad

Stop Taking Cash Abroad

People tend to go abroad for a change of scenery, a change of weather, a change of cuisine, or even a change of culture. But sometimes, the change in currency can be a pain. But you can change this when you stop taking cash abroad. Here are some of the reasons why taking cash abroad isn’t a great idea.

Various companies at airports take a huge commission when converting your hard-earned cash into foreign currency. If you’re unlucky, some bureaus can take as much as a 14% commission, meaning you barely get 85% of what you paid for! Daylight robbery *ahem. When you travel with Curve, you get what you pay for –  we offer you fee-free spending in 200+ currencies, with access to competitive rates (weekend charges apply)* so you get more bang for your buck (or whatever currency you choose).

Cash isn’t always a safe way to carry your currency, not by a long shot. You can lose cash, or it can get stolen. To make matters worse, it’s untraceable, so it’s actually very unlikely you could get any of that money back. Why take the risk? Well, you don’t have to with Curve. With Curve Customer Protection, we can protect you from purchases that range all the way up to £100,000*, though to have that amount of cash on you is dodgy to say the least.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you travel with Curve: 

Fee-free spending on 200+ currencies with access to competitive rates (weekend charges apply) *
Fee-free ATM cash withdrawals (weekend charges apply)*
1% instant cashback at selected retailers, as an introductory offer for 90 days*
Worldwide Travel Insurance** (Curve Metal and Curve Black cardholders only)
Electronic Gadget Insurance** (Curve Metal and Curve Black cardholders only)
Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver Insurance** (Curve Metal cardholders only)
Worldwide Airport LoungeKey Access* (Curve Metal cardholders only)

When you handle an unfamiliar foreign currency, it can be difficult to see how that equates to the currency that you’re used to. If you’re like us, a group of creative types, you hate maths. Luckily, we have people who don’t, so they’re more than happy to do your mental arithmetic for you. As soon as you wish to keep track of what you’re spending in your domestic currency, pull up the Curve app to see what your expenses are in a currency, and a language, that you understand.

Unlock your financial freedom by downloading the Curve app

We know it, you hate loose change. Every year, people waste tons of money by losing or forgetting to spend loose change. But this doesn’t have to be you. With Curve Cashback rewards, you can take full advantage of our 1% instant cashback for 90 days as an introductory offer*. If time is money, we make your time worthwhile.

So, the only questions left for you to answer are when are you booking your flight, and where are you going to pack your Curve card.