Curve Benefits: We’re Extending How Far You Can Go Back In Time

Go back in time

Ever bought something and regretted it? You’re not alone. ‘Buyer’s remorse’ is officially a thing. Especially while sitting in lockdown, when certain investments may not feel quite as ‘must-have’ as they did before (gym memberships, holiday gear, those new 6-inch heels, we’re looking at you…)

While it may not be possible to reverse your pre-pandemic purchases altogether, we want to do our bit to help you manage your cash flow at this time. To help support you, we’ve made an important temporary change to our unique Go Back in Time feature. Read on to find out how you can now time travel for even longer..

Time travel, you say? 

With Go Back in Time (AKA Curve’s time machine AKA financial flexibility at the tap of a button) you can, quite literally, travel back in time in your Curve app. Whether you wish you’d selected your rewards credit card for that last online shop or you’ve accidentally put your Deliveroo on your company card, you can change the card you paid with, after you’ve paid. 

Juicy, we know. But, here’s where it gets juicier. Previously, you could rewind up to 14 days to move card payments. But, in light of the additional financial pressures that our customers are now facing, we’re amping up the flexibility to take it to the next level…. 

Now, you can go waaaaaay back in time 

We’ve temporarily extended our Go Back In Time feature from 14 days to a whopping 90 days to help you at this time. For a limited time, you can move 90-day old payments to any other card of your choice and free up some cash.

It’s easily done, check out our video to see how it works in the Curve app.  

Now, you may want to switch past payments for a number of reasons –  to improve your immediate cash flow, correct accidental payments or move spending from your personal to your business account. Whatever your motivation, Go Back In Time makes financial time travel a reality.

We hope our improvements to this feature can help ease any current stress in some small way. 

Spending online more frequently? Other than the ability to time travel and switch past payments, Curve can also simplify your spending in other ways. Combine multiple cards in one place with Curve, now equipped with 3D Secure 2 for safer online payments, and stay on top of your finances with instant spending notifications.