Credit Cards Vs Bank Cards: Here’s What You Need To Know

Curve card and Credit cards

Credit cards and bank cards – we’re sure you’ve heard both of these terms being thrown around to describe bank cards. You may even think you’ve got one, or both, but do you really understand what these terms mean?

Here’s a handy table to help explain the differences between the two:


Credit Card

Bank Card

Additional Fees

✔There are often charges of interest on purchases and balance transfers.

✘Bank cards don’t usually charge fees, but do check with the debit card provider.

Type of Cash

Borrowed money from the bank.

Money which you’ve personally acquired through your pay check or if you’re lucky enough to have been gifted it!

Perks and Rewards

✔Rewards are often available and do vary – from travel rewards, cashback rewards, reward points, and the list goes on.

✘Typically, you can’t earn rewards using a debit card. However, there are some debit cards which do offer rewards. E.g. Tesco Bank debit card.


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