How To Get The Most Out Of Your Credit Card

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When you think of credit cards, you should think benefits and rewards. You should also always think ‘how does this credit card work for me?’

Most adults can get a credit card but not everyone uses them to their full advantage. But we know you’re too smart to be one of those people. You might even be a discount finding, hidden bonus seeking, thrill chaser.

Yes, it sounds a bit like we’re talking about a theme park. Btw, If you’re into theme parks, you could probably get you some perks by using your credit card there too.

Here Are 4 Reasons To Use Your Credit Card

Stretch your costs

  • Spread out the cost and payback of large purchases in monthly instalments that suit your current financial situation.
  • Look out  for offers that could give you 0% on your purchases when you get started so make sure you’re getting the best deal for your hard-earned cash.

Improving your credit score

  • A credit score lets you know how likely you are to be approved for credit – this can include loans, credit cards, mortgages and store cards.
  • Helps you prepare for bigger purchases in future e.g. buying a house.


  • Discounts, cashback and air miles. Some companies will offer you a certain amount of points for every pound you spend.


  • A lighter wallet.
  • No more loss of tangible money and your transactions are tracked.

Key Terms:

  • Interest  – The fee charged for borrowing money by use of the credit card.
  • Credit – This refers to a customer’s ability to receive goods or purchases without making a payment first, based on the agreement that the payments will be made in the future.
  • APR – This stands for annual percentage rate. It is the yearly cost of borrowing money using credit cards or loans. It’s calculated by taking into account interest and other charges which accrued over the year, including the annual fee if applicable.
  • Balance Transfer – Moving an existing debt from one credit card provider to another.
  • Credit limit – The maximum amount of credit that a financial institution or lender provides to someone borrowing money.

So there are many reasons if you’re good with your finances, using a credit card can be a good thing. And with Curve, you can add multiple cards onto the Curve app. Any rewards you currently get with your cards could be enhanced with the chance of getting 1% instant cashback on top of this.* With Curve, all your finances are in  one place meaning you get to be the CEO of your personal finances.

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