Here’s What You Should Do If Your Credit Card Expires

credit cards expired

Credit card past its expiration date? Thankfully, it doesn’t produce foul odours and make for an unpleasant environment in your wallet. What it will do though, is absolutely nothing, which is arguably just as bad. You won’t be able to buy things with it or make balance transfers. It’s for security purposes and we get it – we’d rather be safe than sorry. Not to worry, you won’t be suddenly stripped of your cash. Here’s what to expect and what you should do after your credit card expires. 

How Do I Get A New Credit Card?

There are a few ways that you can access a new credit card. You’ll be happy to know that you are rarely required to take action in order to do so.

  • The most popular method used by banks is to send your new card in the post at least a week before your card expires.
  • Alternatively you might be sent a letter in the post asking if you wish to renew your card. You’ll need to respond, and your new credit card should be popped in the post. 
  • You may also receive mobile notifications about renewing your credit card from the app.
  • If none of the above happen, contact your credit card provider by phone (their number is usually on the back of their card), email, or through their app.

How Do I Activate My New Credit Card?

Now, once you’ve received your much anticipated credit card in the post, we bet you’ll be eager to get it up and running. We’ve jotted down a few steps that’ll help you have a speedy activation process: 

  • By phone: There’ll most likely be a phone number in the paperwork that came along with your card. Have your information ready as you’ll more than likely need to verify your identity. Give the number a ring. You’ll most likely reach an automated service. Follow the steps correctly and you’ll activate your credit card in no time.
  • Online: If you’re able to activate your card online there will be information inside one of the documents that came along with your new credit card. This’ll tell you how to do so and what information is needed from you. If any other information is needed, it’s best calling your credit card provider. 

How Do I Get Rid Of My Expired Credit Card?

Getting rid of your expired credit card isn’t as simple as throwing it in the bin. For security purposes it’s really important that you don’t do that. You’ve got to destroy it and then dispose of it correctly. Below, we’ve outlined a safe way for you to do both. Shift that dead weight and make your wallet lighter. 


  • Destroy the magnetic strip – this contains all of your personal data. 
  • Destroy the chip 
  • Cut it into various small pieces.


  • Throw the pieces away separately.
  • Destroy any personal information relating to your expired credit card. Using a paper shredder is the best way to do this. 

What’s the next step?

After safely and successfully destroying and disposing your expired credit card, you should be to start using your new one. Your next step should be to download the Curve app and add your new credit card. While you’re at it don’t forget to add your other credit cards and bank cards too! Why?  Why not when you could unlock fee-free spending*, 1% instant Curve Cash cashback as an introductory offer for 90 days*, instant notifications, an incredible customer protection package*, and much, much more.