How To Clear Money In Your Current Account For Free

Clear money in current account

Adulting is great. But the bills that come along with it? Boy O’ boy! You get older and somehow your existence starts to cost😅. What if we told you there’s a way you could hold onto your hard earned cash for longer? Interested?👀 We thought you might be. Curve to the rescue, once again😎. You can hack the system and clear money in your current account for free using our unique ‘Go Back in Time’ feature.

What does it mean to clear money?

  • Clearing money refers to maximising your ‘cleared funds’. ‘Cleared funds’ is the balance in your account that you are able to make transactions with or withdraw.

What is ‘Go Back in Time’?

  • With Curve and ‘Go Back in Time’ you can move transactions made on your Curve card from one funding card to another for free within the Curve app.* The transactions must be below £1,000 and you can switch transactions up to 14 days after they were made.* If this isn’t financial freedom, we don’t know what is!

How to use ‘Go Back in Time’

How will this hack work for you?

  • This hack was created entirely with you in mind. Had a creditor swipe money from your current account? No problem. You can Go Back in Time and switch the transaction to your credit card. That way, your hard earned cash will remain in your account, the creditors will still receive their money and you can build your credit by paying your bills. Genius right? That’s Curve for you😉.

How can you get started?

  • It’s super simple. All you’ve gotta do is download the Curve app, add bank cards and financial freedom begins! When you start transacting, you could unlock 1% instant cashback at an extensive list of incredible retailers as an introductory offer*, access to the incredible Curve Customer Protection* and much, much more.