Cashback: How Does It Work?

what is cashback

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to pay for anything. Everything would be free and you could do whatever and go wherever your heart desired. Sounds perfect right? Well, we can dream🙄. In our world, cashback is the closest we’re gonna get to this😅, as when you give a little, you’ll get a little back. It’s not exactly free money, but it’s close! What exactly is cashback you ask?  Sit back whilst we get you all caught up😌.

What is Cashback?

Each time you spend using a card that offers cashback, you’ll receive a percentage of your spend back, which is called Cashback. Sounds good and want more details? We’ll walk you through it. Imagine, you own a credit card with a 1% cashback rate on all purchases and you use this card to buy the coolest laptop in the game, worth £2,000. You’ll receive 1% of £2,000, so you’ll earn £20 back. It’s not a grand amount of money, but it’s always nice to know that when you give a little or a lot, you’ll earn a little something back.

Is it really worth it?

It is important to note that cashback is mostly offered by credit cards. Depending on the one you choose, this could come with monthly fees, and late payment fees on top of that. If you’re unable to keep up with paying off your credit card bill in full monthly, you could end up spending way more money than you’d be saving. In this case, a cashback credit card might not be the best idea.

Don’t forget, different cashback programmes allow you to reap cashback at a choice of selected retailers. Make sure you find a programme suited to your spending habits, like Curve’s new cashback programme where you’ll be spoilt for choice with over 100 incredible retailers😉.

The cashback hack you need to know about

Don’t want to commit to a credit card? Thanks to us, you don’t have to! You can add your bank cards (and credit cards if you have them) to the Curve app and gain access to Curve Cash and loads more. What is Curve Cash? You’ll find out now! Knocking generic cashback offerings out of the park and elevating cashback like never before is our cashback rewards programme, Curve Cash🥳! With Curve Cash, you can earn 1% instant cashback from your selection from over 100 fantastic high-street brands like Spotify and Apple*. The cashback you earn will be added to a separate Curve Cash card in your Curve wallet. Not to mention you’ll also be able to make purchases with this, meaning you can splash all the cashback you stock up. What’s not to love?!

Already got a credit card? Even better.

If you’ve got already got a rewards credit card offering you cashback, this could be even better for you. You could earn your existing credit card rewards with Curve’s extra rewards on top** Talk about financial freedom.

**Whether you get rewards or cashback or similar benefits from your underlying card is dependent on your underlying card issuer and may be dependent on numerous factors including but not limited to merchant category code, merchant ID, etc