Bringing Amex Back To Curve: An update

One of our leading principles at Curve is Obligation to Dissent – consistent challenging with the goal of reaching the Truth. We also believe that progress can only come through disrupting existing ideas and introducing innovative thinking to solve meaningful problems.

With these beliefs we chose to stand up and fight Amex’s decision to terminate its merchant agreement with Curve. This is not merely a fight of Curve against Amex’s decision. It is bigger than that. It’s our fight for a level playing field in finance and banking; it’s our fight for other startups who can’t stand up for themselves from large corporations playing against the rules and regulations. And most of all, it’s our fight for our customers, whose interests are at our hearts.

That’s why we chose to stand up and fight for your financial freedom.

We have always been and remain open to reinitiating a direct conversation with Amex to address any justifiable concerns they might have to better serve our joint customers. In parallel, we’re working with a top law firm to consider recourse through the courts and relevant regulators.

When things move to legal proceedings we must adhere to the rules and proceedings required by law, and that means that unfortunately there is only so much we can share with our customers at this stage. But rest assured that we are following up on our promise, and we will update you with our progress as soon as we possibly can.