Finally! Metal is Here and Amex Gets a Full Open Beta Roll-Out

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At Curve our mission is simple: to Free Your Money by simplifying and unifying the way you spend, send, see and save.

This is why we’re so excited to share these mic-drop announcements:

  • Say hi to Curve Metal, our most premium card ever
  • Introducing our new Curve Black benefits
  • Welcome back Amex®, which we’re launching as an Open Beta to all Curve (UK) customers

Let us guide you through these one by one…

Curve Metal

It’s finally here! We’ve worked to ensure Curve Metal is an exquisitely-crafted work of art: from the stunning physical product to its incredible rewards and benefits.

The beautifully brushed Curve Metal comes in 3 distinctive colours for you to choose from: Rose Gold, Blue Steel and a Limited Edition Red.

Built for your everyday experience, Curve Metal embeds the latest payment technologies, so you can live minimalist, and leave home with just one phone, one key and one card.

Curve Metal is our most premium card ever, offering:

  • Worldwide Travel Insurance
  • Gadget Insurance (including damages, such as broken screen!)
  • Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance
  • 1% cashback at 6 premium retailers of your choosing such as Amazon, Uber, Spotify, Sainsbury’s, Selfridges and more, for 90 days after you have activated your Curve card
  • Unlimited fee-free foreign exchange
  • Free foreign ATM withdrawals up to £600 /month
  • Worldwide airport LoungeKey access at hundreds of airports worldwide
  • Go Back in Time and switch the card you used for your purchase up to 14 days, for free

Subject to our Terms of Service

For now, we’re launching Curve Metal to UK residents only but the plan is to roll it out across the EEA shortly.

Curve Metal costs just £14.99/month (or a discount rate of £150 if paid annually). If you currently have Curve Black, you can upgrade to Curve Metal at a discounted rate.

Our first batch of Curve Metal is only 10,000 cards. To get it, you can download the Curve App. If you’re a current Curve user, go to the new “Subscriptions” section under the “Cards” tab, and upgrade to Curve Metal.

New Curve Black Benefits

As if the launch of Curve Metal wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also launching a range of new benefits with Curve Black as we move to a subscription model. As with Curve Metal, we decided Curve Black would work better as a monthly payment model so we can continue and provide you premium services and benefits on an ongoing basis, and allow you to cancel any time without shedding significant amounts.

We want to keep growing, and offering ongoing services and benefits to cardholders of our two premium tiers allows us to continue evolve the product and bundle more benefits as we grow, while building a sustainable business model.

For just £9.99/€9.99 per month, Curve Black is your best travel companion. It offers all the benefits of Curve Blue, plus extends the amount you can withdraw fee-free abroad to £400/month*, lets you top-up up to £1,000/month from your Amex® without fees, as part of our Open Beta rollout, and offers new perks like Electronic Gadget Insurance and Worldwide Travel Insurance.

Current Curve Black cardholders can try out the new Curve Black as a 3-month trial.

After listening to your valuable feedback we’re also giving current Curve Black cardholders the option of keeping their legacy Curve Black benefit after the 3-month trial, of unlimited fee-free foreign exchange, without paying any monthly subscriptions.

Current Curve Black cardholders are also being given the chance to try out Curve Metal as a free 2-month trial after paying their first installment. Please note, the minimum length of time you can sign up for is 6 months.

Please also note, this option won’t be available for customers registering for the new Curve Black after today.

You can read more about Curve moving to a subscription model in this Community Post.

You can download the Curve App here

Amex, wherever you go

Yes. It’s official. At last! Amex® support in Curve is being rolled out as an Open Beta to all UK customers. The new Curve Open Beta rollout allows all UK customers to add their Amex® cards to the app and spend with them through Curve.

Bringing Amex® back to Curve was not an easy feat and we’ve been working hard for months behind the scenes to be able to make this offering to you. We thank you for bearing with us. The challenges ranged from us having to change our commercial model, product construct, to working with our legal and regulatory advisors to create a product which is fully in line with European regulations. But thanks to the progressive competitive and regulatory landscape in the UK and Europe which fosters competition in the payments and financial space, Curve could operate to bring Amex® into its platform.

At the end of 2018 we launched the Curve Amex® Closed Beta Programme to selected Curve customers. At least 500 Amex cardholders spent more than £1 million via Curve in Beta testing since the end of November. That’s an average of £2,000 per person per month, and in addition to other spend on other networks! The feedback from Beta users was ecstatic.

Adding your Amex® to Curve has some great benefits like eliminating the currency conversion fees your card charges you, instead giving your Amex® access to the interbank rate. As with other cards, when using Amex® on your Curve card, you’ll also get 1% instant cashback into your Curve Rewards card, from up to 6 of your favourite retailers as an introductory offer.

Last but by no means least, we wanted to say we couldn’t have launched these shiny new Curve cards and benefits without your feedback and advocacy.

Thanks for all your input. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to measure, learn and build the most comprehensive range of cards to help you achieve financial freedom, and live the life you want to live. We hope you’ll enjoy these new additions and benefits, and we look forward to continue the journey with you to build the next OS for Money.

We’ll be diving into some more of the fabulous features of our new line-up in blog posts over coming weeks. Enjoy!

If you joined Curve before the 16/02/2018, please see here for more information about your rewards programme.