5 Ways To Save Money At Boots

Ways To Save At Boots

Boots. Surely everyone’s go-to pharmacy? You can buy medicine, cosmetics, perfume and more. Basically all the essentials for looking and feeling good. But in this day and age, looking good and self-care doesn’t always come cheap. No fear, we’ve got some tips to help you out. Have a look at these 5 ways you can start saving money when you shop at Boots. 

  1. Discount Code Deals- Who doesn’t love online sales? They’re the best. But here’s a secret… your shopping can feel like a Boxing Day sale all the time with discount codes. Be sure to check out either Savoo or Hot UK Deals to find what discount code deals they have on offer there. The savings will really add up!
  2. Free Delivery- For some of their products, Boots offers free delivery. Be sure to check if this is on offer when you’re about to buy something online. Also, Boots offers order and collect for all products– simply purchase the product you want to pickup, and they’ll hold onto it for up to two weeks. 
  3. Boots Advantage Card- This loyalty card is often praised for its fantastic benefits. Most rewards cards tend to have a one to one pound to points ratio, but not at Boots. They offer you a whopping 4 points for every pound you spend in the store. It’s also super easy to sign up. You have nothing to lose – it’s a no brainer!  
  4. Don’t Buy The Brand- Particularly in cosmetics, there is very little difference in the quality of makeup and skincare between the Boots own brand and others. In fact, often the Boots collection can be even better. Boots’ No7 range is much cheaper than the other designer brands sold in store, and it also has very positive reviews from customers. Give it a go, and you might be surprised. 
  5. Use Your Curve Card- We’re delighted to announce that Boots is one of our exclusive retailers where  we offer you 1% instant Curve Cash! So, instantly save when you sign up with Curve. You can save 1% of your spendings every time you shop at Boots. And if you choose Curve Metal or Curve Black, you get Curve Cash for unlimited time. Your savings will start spilling over!