Sun, Sea, Sand And Savings – Free Your Money This Summer

You’ve debated the destination, put down your Airbnb deposit and had the time off cleared by your boss. The Spotify playlist is being compiled with feverish excitement & you’ve taken to wearing flip-flops and Bermudas in the office; it’s officially holiday season. 

Whether it be a city break, cocktails in the all-inclusive bar or a fly-drive to the Galapagos, our annual holiday is something to be cherished and enjoyed to the absolute max. But the moment you start reactivating your dormant Instagram account, a cold chill rattles through you and whispers ‘How much money do you think you will need to take?’

The high street is littered with banks, travel agents and backstreet FX dealers that all claim to have the best rate but if we are all being honest with ourselves. It’s convoluted and confusing. Withdrawing a cash lump sum when you arrive in the country is always touted as another alternative. 

Although watching my grandmother withdraw £1,000 worth of Spanish peseta instead of £100 is seared into my brain forever. 

You should be spending your deserved time away breathing in a new culture whilst having a mid-morning Aperol in your new sandals; no-one likes a beach-bound bean counter. Fear not our Skyscanner pioneering friends; Curve is here to be your holiday spending Sherpa. 

Every FinTech is offering fee-free spending abroad but none of them work like Curve. With Curve you don’t need to top up or worry about your balance. We take the money directly from whichever card you have selected in the app, so you can spend like a local. 

With access to advantageous interbank rate – which put simply is the same rate that the banks use to transfer money between themselves – you are in control. 

How does it work? 

Picture the scene; you’re sat in a gorgeous cliff top bar on the Amalfi coast polishing off the last of your glass of red and you ask the waiter to settle the bill. They come back with the card machine, punches in the amount and hand it back to you. 

You enter your Curve card, type in the PIN and PING – you receive an instant notification on your app telling you exactly how much you have paid in pounds. You haven’t had to awkwardly scrabble around in your wallet, tott up loose change & ruin the gorgeous sunset in the distance. 

In the blink of an eye Curve has converted the payment from Euro to Pounds and charged your selected card in Pounds, at the last locked in exchange rate. It’s our little secret and your bank never needs to know. 

Whether you fancy yourself as a modern day Phileas Fogg or simply want to laze around by the pool, there is a Curve card to suit your holiday needs. Each has different overseas spend limits and a raft of other exciting features: 


Curve Blue

Curve Black

Curve Metal



£9.99 p/m

£14.99 p/m

FX Spend Limit

Up to £500 per rolling 30-day period

Up to £15k per annum

Up to £60k per annum

ATM Withdrawal

Up to £200 per rolling 30-day period

Up to £400 per rolling 30-day period

Up to £600 per rolling 30-day period

AXA Travel Insurance




* see the boring but required legal bit below for the juicy details

Is it safe to use my Curve card abroad? 

Sometimes things can go wrong and even the smallest thing can seem like the biggest deal when you are away from home. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

If you see something isn’t right with any of your transactions or your card is lost, you can lock it instantly in the app. Our Customer Experience team are always on hand to help you out with a replacement card and you will never be left out of pocket for unrecognised transactions. 

Also, our Curve Customer Protection protects your spend whether home or away to the tune of £100,000. 

Unfortunately we won’t cover your questionable karaoke performance or Hawaiian shirt choices.

The boring but required legal bit:

FX and ATM withdrawal limits are subject to our Fair Use Policy.  Weekend rates apply for any FX or ATM transactions made in a foreign currency between Fridays 23:59 and Sunday 23:59 GMT.  AXA Travel insurance is available in eligible countries only. Curve Metal Cards are only available to UK customers at the time of writing.  Curve Customer Protection is limited to £100,000, must be claimed within 120 days after date of purchase and exemptions may apply.  We can’t guarantee the weather or make baggage reclaim any less tedious but we can help you have the holiday you deserve. Leave your large, clunky wallet and your worries at home; Curve has you covered.  Curve is available for iOS & Android so you have no excuse…