App-Based Banking: What’s It All About?

App-Based Banking

App-based banking – ahhh the wonderful world of technology. Why make the tedious trip to the bank when you could control your bank account from the touch of your finger tips? Unsure of what app-based banking is or how it works? Let’s fix that now😌.

What is App-based banking?

This definition does exactly what it says on the tin, app-based banks are banks that exist digitally, in app form. Although, there are physical banks which also have apps and exist both physically and digitally. You may be fretting already with questions like, what if something goes wrong?’  or, ‘what if I need support?’ Not to worry, there is always support available – a phone line, an email address and/or a live chat feature. You finances are your control, but there’ll always be help to guide you along the way if and when it’s necessary.

Why are the advantages of app-based banking?

  • It’s quick and simple to use
  • It provides easy access to your finances
  • Easy way to keep on top of your spending
  • Cuts out awkward interactions
  • No more queues
  • No more racing to beat the closing time
  • Real-time spending notifications

*These benefits will vary depending on which app-based bank you choose.

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