A Guide To Help You Decide What To Do With Your Spare Change

Spare change, spare money

Why do we hate spare change? Why do the clinking of coins unsettle our spirits? With the rise of contactless bank cards and credit cards, carrying coins has become a huge burden. We’re here to tell you why it shouldn’t be – change adds up. Take a look at 3 great ways you can make every penny count💰.

Start a savings account

Stash the cash away into a savings account. Your spare change will stack up before you know it. You’ll have extra funds for your hobbies, adventures and emergencies. It never hurts to have a safety net.

Holiday Fund

Everybody deserves a break once in a while, so why not start saving for it now? You might not have a destination in mind but it’s definitely gonna’ cost. Start small and watch your holiday fund flourish over time. A few months worth of spare change won’t get you to Mauritius, but it’ll help. The beaches, the cocktails, the food🤤 it’ll all be worth it.

Donate to charity

Stop looking at your spare change as a burden and think of it as an opportunity. Why not use it to build a better future for the less fortunate. Find a charity that you believe in and contribute to making a change with your spare change.

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