Meet Gill: A Career in Animation

Many associate ‘Animation’ with TV and entertainment, invoking memories of Disney classics and our favourite childhood cartoons. This colourful and often magical art form is quickly becoming an essential component of businesses across the globe; with Animation often being at the forefront of a brands’ creativity.

We decided to sit down with Gill, Curve’s Senior 3D Motion Designer, to not only enlighten us about the ins and outs of a career in this field, but also to share some useful insight for aspiring Animators.

Hi Gill, thanks for your time. Can you start by introducing yourself? 

Hi, my name is Gill Mestari and I’m a Motion Designer and a creative – mainly specialising in 3D Animation for broadcast, advertising and title design.

On a day-to-day basis, what is your role at Curve? 

Mainly, my role consists of being in charge of the product’s creative content related to video production and post-production – whether that be in real-life footage with implemented graphics, or full footage in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

This means I can create awesome graphics and video content for Curve’s marketing team; to propel the brand’s creativity and visual identity – which is really exciting!

When did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in animation? 

It happened in a series of unexpected events, really, as I was aspiring to be an industrial designer when I was younger. During my education I enjoyed using 3D software and photo retouch; and to do this it was essential for me to pre-visualise my products at school without the need of making a physical prototype and taking photographs.

This provided me with a great skill set when graduating for finding my first job, which was in an architectural studio as a Visualiser. A few years later I decided to go freelance, where in my first gig I was asked to produce an animation as opposed to working on still images. It was challenging, but I quickly realised that I loved it. It was like a new adventure for me as in that period there was an increase in demand of 3d animation for TV bumpers and Idents, so I worked heavily in this market which is where I was able to kickstart my career in Animation.

What interested you most about working in Animation, which drove you to pursue your career? 

The idea of being able to turn my vision into a project that is able to tell a compelling story, engage the viewer and give them a positive experience while immersed in the content, was very appealing to me.

It’s a great sense of achievement when you start with an idea, a vision, and then bringing the content to life with creativity to successfully produce an end product.

What is ‘3D Motion Design’, relative to the Animation industry? 

Motion Designers use cinematic techniques to bring life to their video creations and produce animated graphic designs. Animations, or VFX (Visual Effects), combines existing footage with computer generated imagery to create realistic scenes.

3D Motion Design is in a borderline position between traditional motion graphics (2D), and Visual Effects. However, as new technology and innovations continually come to market, the line between Animation and Motion Design is very thin as the softwares keep improving and designers keep digging into their capabilities.

Because of this, Motion Designers and Animators share similar skillsets in their roles, and designers that have expertise in each sector can definitely learn from each other.

Based on your experience, what message would you give to aspiring Motion Designers to help them excel in their career? 

It would definitely be to never give up on your own projects! The best way to learn a new skill is to proactively practice, and it’s a great feeling to see how your work and skills develop over time. When you’re working for clients, you should of course work at the best of your capabilities, but still use your learnings to feed into your own personal projects. They will always keep you fresh and you’ll learn something new every day.

Thanks, Gill! We can’t wait to see your continuous impact on Curve with your awesome content!

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