7 Reasons You Should Get Curve From People Who Already Have It

People who have Curve, love it.

How can you blame them when they have something that makes their life easier, reduces stress and bestows a bunch of brilliant benefits upon them?

So what are you waiting for? You have three tiers to choose from. Curve Blue is subscription-free and gives you 🔥🔥🔥features including combing multiple cards into one, instant cashback at 3 retailers, amazing FX rates, and Time Travel so you never pay on the wrong card again. Curve Black is the perfect travel companion. For just £9.99/9.99€ per month, you get enhanced benefits including cashback at 3 retailers for unlimited time and Worldwide Travel Insurance. Curve Metal takes all the signature Curve features you love to the most premium level for just £14.99 per month, including unlimited cashback at 6 retailers, Travel and Phone Insurance, Rental Car Collision Waiver Insurance and Worldwide Airport LoungeKey access.

Of course, that’s just the start. There are bucketloads more reasons to get Curve. So don’t take just our word for it. Here are 7 reasons from people who already have one:

Bad Memory? No Problem! 

“I couldn’t manage without my Curve Card. Biggest thing for me is I only have to remember one password and carry one card. I love that I can flip between all my cards and get instant notification of change. Also love that I no longer need to ask for paper receipts as I get immediate email notification and a comprehensive record of my spending.”

Grenville Bradder via Google Play

Forget about forgetting your countless pin numbers—you only need to remember one.

Make People Go Wow

Take control of your finances and never make a mistake again with Go Back in Time. Plus enjoy that added wow factor when you receive your Curve card through your letterbox…

Contactless? Contactmore! 

“Absolutely brilliant idea, should have got one ages ago. I have a couple cards that are not contactless so I linked them and my google pay to the curve card and now they all work great.”

Malc Hooper via Google Play

Got a card that isn’t contactless? Add it to Curve and now it is.

It’s Like Wine!?

“Curve only seems to get better with time. I have been using Curve for over a year and I am Impressed with the stability improvements.”

thomfoun via App Store

Just like a fine wine, Curve gets better and better over time. Curve is continually updated with new incredible features and benefits that simplify the way you spend, send, see and save. And there are plenty more in the pipeline.

Get Treated Right

If anything goes wrong, Curve’s got your back.

It Makes Living Abroad Easy 

“Wish I found out about this card sooner! It’s been a real big help while living abroad as using the card is very easy and the exchange rates are much better than my normal banks. I love that you save on international transactions.” 

Jon Kaye via Google Play

Curve cuts through the stress and makes your life easier.

Shows The Banks How Things Should Be Done

A game changer for travellers. It is a revelation. Shows the banks how things should be done.

 London Mac Fan via App Store

Nuff said.

So there you have it. Some pretty, pretty good reasons why you should get Curve from people in the know. Why not try it for yourself? Download Curve and let the magic begin⚡️