6 Ways To Save Money When You Book EasyJet


EasyJet is well for its budget flights to cool European destinations. But, especially during holiday season, finding a cheap ticket to that city break or beach getaway can sometimes still be a challenge. Once you’re paying hundreds of pounds for a ticket, it doesn’t seem so budget-friendly anymore. But have no fear, we’ve got some nifty ways for you to escape for a lower price. Check out these 6 tips to help you save some cash. Soon you’ll be waving  from the plane ✈️

  1. “Book The Wrong Date”- You may be wondering how this will help you save money. You still need to get on the plane, right? Bear with us. EasyJet offers flexi fares- you pay a little bit extra, and you can change your flight at no additional cost (1 week before, 3 weeks after your original booking date). So, sometimes, if you change from peak to slightly off-peak time, you can save lots of money on your ticket. 
  2. Book As Soon As Tickets Are Released- Generally speaking, ticket prices tend to be determined by the popularity of the destination, and the time of booking- classic supply and demand. Sometimes, the prices actually go down lower than the initial price, but this is much rarer- generally the prices go up over time. So, keep and eye out for early release dates on flight bookings, and you may save some cash. 
  3. Book Your Group In One Go- Every time you book a flight with EasyJet, they charge you a £16 admin fee for an individual booking. So, when you are booking a trip for several people, whether it be family or friends, definitely book it all at once, so you aren’t charged extra. 
  4. Check In 30 Days In Advance- When you do this, the likelihood that you are in a good seat is much higher, and you can avoid the £30 or so that you would normally have to pay when you purchase a slightly better seat. The early bird catches the worm!
  5. Bring Your Own Food- Although some people think bringing your own food on the plane is against the rules, it actually isn’t. So, save money by bringing your own food and you can avoid the prices that are on offer aboard the aircraft. It also means you can choose exactly what you want to snack on. 
  6. Book Your Flight With Your Curve Card- Whenever you book your flight on EasyJet with your Curve card, you get 1% instant Curve Cash (as a 90-day introductory offer for Curve Blue customers or for an unlimited time if you upgrade to Black or Metal). If you’re booking a big holiday, this cash can turn into a huge amount of money.