Unknown Pleasures: 5 Fantastic Things To Do With A Free Fiver

You’ve been given a free £5. What do you spend it on? An overpriced snack after an unsuccessful lunch? Some useless in-app purchases? Barely one drink on a night out? Kind of a waste… but it doesn’t have to be! You just need to know what to do and that £5 can be a ticket to something much bigger than the sum of its parts.

But the question is, who gave you the free £5 in the first place? The answer? Curve. Refer a friend to Curve and you both get a free £5. Curve is the card that keeps on giving. Instead of multiple cards and accounts, why not just have one? One card. One app. Loads of benefits. 1% instant cashback on everything you spend at your chosen retailers. Insanely useful spending insights. Ridiculously cheap exchange rates. The ability to Go Back in Time—we kid you not. 

So go on, refer a friend to Curve and before you think about spending a penny, check out our list and see what you can do with that free £5.

See A Film 

When was the last time you went to the cinema and didn’t end up paying an extortionate price? Enter Peckhamplex and see a mix of mainstream hits and lesser known gems. All cinema tickets. £4.99. Everyday. Not just a compelling reason to pick up the popcorn again, but at this price, a great way to take a chance on something you wouldn’t usually see.

Grab A Haircut

We’ve all been there. The lowly student, learning our craft and trying to take on the world. It’s tough. So why not give something back and help a student out… and save some cash while you’re at it! At the Toni & Guy Academy you can get a haircut for £5. The students will be accompanied by an expert at all times in case you’re afraid of any wannabe Sweeney Todds.

Eat Some Delicious Street Food

One step onto Leather Lane Market and the smell of food will be enough to grip you by the nose and drag you along this 400 year old street market. A short walk from both Chancery Lane and Farringdon station, you can find plenty that will excite your taste buds and fill you up for a humble price of £5. Our favourite is the spicy arrabiata of Mero Fresh Pasta—look out for the purple tent.

Play Some Retro Games  

Picture this. You’re on floor 48 of a Canary Wharf skyscraper with a spectacular panoramic view of London. You’re surrounded by countless retro Sega games like Golden Axe, Outrun, Streets of Rage, Shinobi and more—all playable on old school CRT TVs and projected onto the ceiling. There’s cocktails and karaoke. This is Sky High Retrotainment and it’s only £5.

Have A Laugh

Voted as one of the best comedy clubs in the UK, the Top Secret Comedy Club is not as secret as the name suggests. Check the website and see what’s on, look out for any secret celebrity guests and grab yourself a £5 ticket. It’s open every night of the week, so unwind with some cheap drinks and the best of London’s stand-up scene has to offer. 

We’ve given you some great ideas on what to do with that free £5. So share the joy of Curve with your friends and you can all reap the rewards.