5 Incredible Holiday Destinations You Can Do On A Budget That Won’t Break The Bank

Let’s face it. Flights can be expensive, especially to some of the more adventurous places. But what if we told you that doesn’t matter? You don’t need to break the bank to go on holiday. The only thing you need to break is your preconceived notions of what a budget holiday is. Who said budget means lesser? It just means smarter. Curve is here to help you save from the moment you land. Sit back and enjoy some amazing holiday destinations you don’t need to dip into your life savings to enjoy.

Curve Insights helps you cut costs when you travel. Everything you buy gets a category. Colourful and clear. That amazing restaurant you had recommended by a local? Purple. That Uber trip from the airport?  And with Curve’s amazing FX rates, you won’t be hit with any nasty surprises so you can take it easy and enjoy your break.


A favourite of the great Anthony Bourdain, Vietnam has a booming economy and some amazing low-priced, high-tasting street food. It’s a must. Check out the Hoi Lan Lantern Festival which celebrates the majesty of the full moon for practically nothing. And don’t forget to share your amazing experiences with your Curve card with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #CurveExperiences


Located in Morocco, Tangier was once a mysterious haven of cool with such people as George Orwell, the Beats and even The Rolling Stones being drawn to it. Nowadays, although Tangiers is fairly unknown to most people it’s a great place to explore. Grab a cheap mint Tea at Cafe Hafa, the oldest cafe in Tangier which many of the cool people listed above were known to frequent.


Fans of a certain new BBC drama will get a kick out of this, but there’s more to Transylvania than bloodsucking. Get your fangs into some ciorba de burta, the creamy Romanian soup that will convert the pounds (Romanian Leu) you saved on buying it and put it on your waste. Head to Bran Castle (no relation to the flakes), the place that isn’t related to Bram Stoker, but is sometimes called… Dracula’s castle—sorry, we tried. Experience a region soaked in history and talking about history, all that cashback you’ve raked up from using your Curve card – now would be a great time to use it!

Costa Del Sol

Head to the south of Spain to bask in the greatness of the Costa Del Sol region. Visit Malaga, the birthplace of Picasso or visit Estepona to gaze at some larger than life murals plastered on the sides of many buildings. Why not check out the 24 beaches of Marbella or enjoy some low cost Tapas, which are the best way to sample some seriously amazing food without making your wallet cry.


Forget everything you saw in The Raid (actually don’t) and enter a world of cheap accommodation, humongous Buddhist temples, active volcanoes and monkeys. Lots of monkeys. Being such a dense place, Indonesia holds many opportunities to find something interesting and cheap, with beach access being ridiculously reasonable. And remember haggling is your best friend, so you rarely need to pay full price.

So there you go. Five great holiday destinations for you to not splash the cash on. With your Curve card by your side you can keep track of your finances and also enjoy all our other features across multiple cards.