5 Great Ways To Save at Burger King

Burger King is already cheap as chips, so it’s hard to imagine there could possibly be ways to save even more. It might sound impossible, but trust us, there are some extra tricks of the trade to save you some cash next time you crave a tasty Whopper and fries. Sit back and check out our 5 ways to save money at Burger King.

  1. Download the App- It’s free to get, so you’ve got nothing to lose. When you download the Burger King App, you could receive exclusive free coupons. Use these to save even more on your next feast at Burger King. Get downloading now! 
  2. Buy a kid’s meal- Contrary to public opinion, kid’s meals aren’t only for kids. They’re much cheaper, so if you’re more in the mood for a light appetiser, this may be the option for you. Also, if you choose to swap out the free toy that comes with your meal, then you can also get a free dessert! We know, it’s a hard decision. But it’s also win-win! 
  3. Order off the Kings Savers Menu- All of the items you find under this menu tend to be the best value meals. Most items here cost no more than a pound, meaning you can start saving your money, as well as your hunger. How about trying everything to find your ultimate saver meals. Testing all that food doesn’t sound too bad.
  4. Get both fries and onion rings- A hidden gem amongst the Crown Jewels at Burger King is the option to get both fries and onion rings, at no extra cost. If you are a diehard fan for both fries and onion rings, and you can’t choose between them, you don’t have to. Simply ask if you can get half and half, and find yourself striding away with the best of both.
  5. Use your Curve Card- If you love to go on quests to see the King, then allow us to make your journey that little bit easier… When you go to Burger King, if you choose it as one of your favourite retailers, you get 1% instant Curve Cash

With Curve, you can choose either 3 or 6 retailers depending on which Curve card you have. Choose wisely!

Curve Blue Curve Black Curve Metal
1% instant Curve Cash for 90 days 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time 1% instant Curve Cash for an unlimited time
3 retailers 3 retailers 6 retailers

Find out more about how you can save at Burger King with Curve.