5 Great Ways To Start Saving At Tate’s Galleries

ways to save at the tate galleries

If you’re a lover of art and culture, Tate is the place for you. Its 4 galleries are jam-packed classical and contemporary art. Tate gives you the perfect chance to soak up Picasso’s paintings or even get involved in some creative workshop if you fancy yourself as a budding van Gogh. But once you’re paying hundreds of pounds for seeing multiple exhibitions, it doesn’t seem so budget-friendly anymore. Fear not – we’ve got you covered! Follow these 5 awesome tricks to help fuel your artistic needs.

  1. Free Shows- It always feels like the coolest shows cost you the moon on a stick. Well, that’s not the case at Tate. The museum offer wide range of free exhibitions, costing you absolutely nothing, whilst giving you an experience of a lifetime. With exhibitions ranging from anime to anatomy, its finally time feed your curiosity and go see a show near you.
  2. Student Membership – Tate understands how difficult it is as a student, but that doesn’t mean you should completely miss out. Tate offers an exclusive membership, giving students access to ANY show for £5. This membership also comes with 10% off food and drinks at the Tate. All you need to do is sign up, sit back and enjoy the greatest shows for less.
  3. Discount Deals – You can never go wrong with a discount code. It is a perfect and fun way to save money on expensive items and luckily for you, there are discount codes available for Tate. Be sure to check RetailMeNot.com, for up to 15% off Tate UK tickets, 20% Tate prints and many more.
  4. Tate Membership – Tate hasn’t forgotten about you older art lovers. When you sign up to become a Tate member you pay an annual fee which then gives you exclusive entry to any exhibition you wish. As special members you are also given priority to bigger shows. If you’re an art fanatic and you want to see loads of shows, the Tate member practically pays for itself.
  5. Purchase with A Curve Card- Whenever you book your tickets or purchase a membership with Tate using your Curve card, you get 1% instant Curve Cash (as a 90-day introductory offer for Curve Blue customers or for an unlimited time if you upgrade to Curve Black or Metal). Embrace your inner artist and turn your hobby into huge rewards.