5 Ways To Eat Lavishly At Bella Italia

Best Ways To Save Money At Bella Italia

Bella Italia is the perfect restaurant to get that “delizioso” Italian food fix. They serve everything from Pollo pasta to Pepperoni pizza. It’s perfect for date-night and for little catch ups too. If you’re wondering how to get a taste of Italy without a pricey flight to Rome check out our 5 top tips. 

  1. £5 Breakfast Meal – They say the early bird catches the worm. So if you’re an early bird, why don’t you start your day or your weekend with Bella Italia’s breakfast? Surround yourself family or friends, enjoy a range of options from pancakes to French Toast and Ciabatta. This’ll prepare you for the day ahead without breaking your wallet.
  2. Meal Deals – Bella Italia have recently introduced a delicious 2 course Italian feast for only £12.99. This super-saving is super exciting because usually a bowl of pasta + dessert =£19.99, this deal saves you a whopping £7 in the process.
  3. Extra Cheese ? – What is pasta without cheese? If you’re anything like us and are completely obsessed with cheese, then you might need to grab some for the table. But what’s even better is having a friend to share the obsession with. This way we can grab more cheese for the table, splitting the cost whilst still getting all that delicious dairy goodness.
  4. Happy Hour- Surely, There’s no better way to kick-off the weekend than Happy Hour? If you’re planning to enjoy a drink or two, why not do so at Bella Italia where you can enjoy two cocktails for the price of one. And when you order more than one set of drinks, you get an antipasti board completely free.
  5. Use Your Curve Card-  We’re delighted to say that Bella Italia is one of our Curve Cash brands, which you get means we can offer you 1% instant Curve Cash. This is valid for 90 days for Curve Blue cardholders, but if use Curve Metal  or Curve Black, you get Curve Cash for an unlimited time.